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ITT Delivers GPS 2R-M Payload

By | December 21, 2007

      [12-21-07 – Satellite Today] ITT Corp. has delivered a new demonstration payload for the GPS Block 2R satellite to Lockheed Martin‘s facilities, Lockheed Martin announced Dec. 20.
          The payload, which was delivered two months ahead of schedule, will be integrated on the spacecraft and undergo final system-level testing in preparation for launch next year.
      The signal, located on the L5 frequency (1176.45MHz) will comply with international radio frequency spectrum requirements. Future generations of GPS spacecraft will include an operational third civil signal to improve the accuracy and performance capabilities of the system. The spacecraft with the demonstration payload, known as SV 09, is one of the final three Block 2R-M satellites planned for launch in 2008.
          Lockheed Martin received the $6 million contract in April.

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