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Spacecom Signs Cluster of Eastern Europe Deals

By | December 18, 2007

      [12-18-07 – Satellite Today] Israel’s Space Communication Ltd. (Spacecom) has signed broadcast deals in Hungary, Slovenia and Romania for transponder space on the Amos satellites, the company announced Dec. 18.
          In  Romania, Spaceom signed a three-year deal with the Bucovina and Moldavia Church to broadcast Trinitas TV. In Slovenia, Spacecom signed a five-year contract to broadcast privately owned music channel Ĉarli TV.
          In Hungary, Spacecom inked saw a pair of extensions with Halozat, a public TV station supported by the country’s local governments, and with HDT, a VSAT provider for private networks. Halozat has signed a contract for an additional seven years, and HDT is increasing its usage of Amos to provide broadband Internet access via satellite for its expanding network.
          In the Ukraine, Music Box, a broadcaster focusing on local music, signed a three-year deal with Spacecom.
          The Amos constellation consists of Amos-1 and Amos-2, which are co-located at the orbital position of 4°W, and serves direct-to-home and other TV platforms in Europe and the Middle East as well as provides a secure and stable transmission to government agencies.
          Space Communications Ltd. also has sold more than 50 percent of the total capacity on its Amos-3 satellite, which is slated for launch in March, and in July, Spacecom signed a contract with Israel Aerospace Industries to manufacture Amos-4.
           “Amos’ neighborhood throughout the region is continuing to grow as we bring in new clients and re-sign our existing base of satisfied users,” Spacecom CEO David Pollack said in a statement. “Central and Eastern Europe continues to benefit from a solid investment climate and improving communications infrastructures.”

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