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KDDI Selects ATCi Antenna For Japanese Teleport Facility

By | December 3, 2007

      [12-3-07 – Satellite Today]  Japanese information and communications company KDDI has selected Antenna Technology Communications Inc. (ATCi) to provide the antenna for its newest teleport facility in Yamaguchi, Japan, ATCi announced Nov. 30.
          ATCi will install a Simulsat C/Ku antenna, which can receive information from up to 35 satellites simultaneously. ATCi partnered with NEC to integrate the antenna with a customized heating kit along with fiber optics into the customer’s existing monitoring and control system, which allows for remote monitoring from KDDI’s corporate headquarters in Tokyo.  
          "Simulsat C/Ku was specifically re-engineered for the unique applications that are specific to international customers," Gunnar Light, ATCi’s managing director, Asia, said in a statement. “We are proud to have had such a long standing relationship with KDDI, and believe that it is a strong testament to Simulsat technology that KDDI has once again chosen ATCi to assist them in streamlining their satellite reception capabilities in their newest teleport facility."

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