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GPS-Enabled Devices To Skyrocket In Next Decade, Says ABI

By | November 30, 2007

      [11-30-07 – Satellite Today] The market for GPS-enabled cell phones will grow by almost 130 percent between 2008 and 2012, a new study from ABI Research claims.
      Additionally, shipments of GPS-enabled mobile phones will generate more than $50 billion in revenues in 2008, rising to $100 billion in 2012 and increasing numbers of GPS-enabled handsets for 3G/WCDMA networks will start to appear in the market from 2008 onwards.
          The study, “GPS-Enabled Devices,” examines the market landscape and potential for GPS-enabled mobile phones as well as the market opportunities and challenges facing handset vendors, mobile operators, semiconductor vendors and other industry players.
           “The ongoing consolidation in the mobile industry –  including Nokia’s acquisition of Navteq, Broadcom’s acquisition of Global Locate, CSR’s acquisition of NordNav Technologies and Cambridge Positioning Systems, and the tussle between TomTom and Garmin to acquire Tele Atlas — gives a clear indication of the plans and commitment of industry players to address the GPS-enabled handset market,” ABI analyst Shailendra Pandey said in a statement.

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