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Hughes To Provide Backup For Cement Producer

By | November 27, 2007

      [11-27-07 – Satellite Today] Hughes Network Systems LLC will provide Essroc, a North American cement producer, with backup satellite broadband service, Hughes announced Nov. 27.
          HughesNet Access Continuity uses satellite broadband technology to create a path to the primary landline network, ensuring that Essroc applications such as accounting, processing, e-mail, bulk loading, time and attendance, safety, and compliance data remain running if the primary network fails.
          "When you back up a landline network with another landline network, it is vulnerable to the same problems as the primary network," Ted Fritchlee, senior network engineer, Essroc, said in a statement. "We previously used an ISDN to backup our MPLS wide area network, but after the local phone company had an outage at its central office, we approached Hughes and went non-terrestrial.”

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