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Raytheon Completes GPS Testing In India

By | November 20, 2007

      [11-20-07 – Satellite Today] Raytheon Co. has completed the final system acceptance test to augment standard GPS signals over India, the company announced Nov. 20. The test of the GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation-Technology Demonstration System is an important milestone in the transition to satellite-based navigation for civil aviation, the company said.
          When completed, the system, which monitors GPS signals for errors and generates correction messages to improve positioning accuracy, will join other space-based augmentation systems in providing precise navigation, boosting safety, efficiency and capacity across India and the surrounding region.
          In the latest test, Raytheon demonstrated that ground elements could integrate with a geosynchronous satellite over India and generate a test signal that conformed to international requirements for the Indian flight information region.
          The Indian Space Research Organisation and Airports Authority of India will embark on the next phase of the program, which will expand the existing ground network, add redundancy and produce the certification analysis and documentation for safety-of-flight commissioning.

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