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Stratos Announces New Maritime GSM Service

By | November 15, 2007

      [11-15-07 – Satellite Today] Stratos Global Corp. has introduced a new dedicated GSM service for crewmembers and officers of merchant ships, the company announced Nov. 15.
          GSM Oceanwide enables seafarers to use their existing mobile phones onboard merchant ships in deep ocean waters. The system, which is available around the globe, enables users to receive and place calls and send SMS messages via their own GSM number. Stratos expects to expand the capabilities of GSM Oceanwide to include e-mail and Web browsing.
          Stratos developed GSM Oceanwide in partnership with Blue Ocean Wireless. The service uses an onboard picocell, gateway and two Inmarsat F33 terminals. The F33 terminals can be upgraded to the Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminal. Blue Ocean will deploy the hardware on vessels.

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