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Integral Systems Developing Mission Control Facility For RascomStar

By | November 12, 2007

      [11-12-07 – Satellite Today] Integral Systems Europe received a contract from RascomStar-QAF to provide a fully integrated carrier signal monitoring and transponder planning system for the Rascom-QAF 1 satellite, parent company Integral Systems Inc. announced Nov. 12.

      This initial system consists of a main site in Cameroon that will use SAT Corp.’s Monics carrier monitoring and interference detection system for a C-band and two Ku-band beams and a transponder management system from Optimal Satcom. Integral Systems has selected Globecomm Systems Inc. as the subcontractor for the two radio frequency and antenna systems. Newpoint Technologies Compass network management system will monitor and control all equipment.

      The Rascom-QAF1 satellite will use 12 Ku-band and eight C-band transponders to provide telecommunications services in rural parts of Africa as well as domestic and international connections, direct TV broadcast services and Internet access. The satellite will be launched in December aboard an Ariane 5 rocket along with the Horizons-2 satellite.

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