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Inmarsat Takes To The Air

By | October 23, 2007

      [10-23-07 – Satellite Today] Inmarsat has commercially launched SwiftBroadband, its high-speed data service for aeronautical use, the company announced Oct. 22.

      SwiftBroadband is capable of supporting broadband IP data at speeds up to 432kbps. The service, which became operational on October 22, is available through distribution partners MVS, OnAir, Stratos and Vizada, and their extensive re-seller networks. Michael Butler, Inmarsat’s president, called the launch an "exciting day”for the company.

      According to Inmarsat, the majority of new long-haul aircraft currently being built by Boeing and Airbus — such as the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 — are fitted with antennas capable of accessing SwiftBroadband.

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