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Globalstar Europe Introduces VPN, Static IP For Business Customers

By | October 12, 2007

      [10-12-07 – Satellite Today]  Globalstar Europe is launching Static Internet Protocol (IP) address and virtual private network (VPN) capability for customers throughout Western Europe, the company announced Oct. 11.

      The Globalstar Static IP address modems will communicate to specific IP addresses using the new VPN service. The services are being made available via an enhanced gateway ground station in France, Globalstar said..

      "During the past three years both our two-way and Simplex satellite data markets have shown strong growth and this announcement is just another demonstration of Globalstar’s continued commitment to expand our suite of satellite data solutions to meet the growing requirements of the remote wireless data marketplace," Jay Monroe, chairman and CEO of Globalstar Inc., said in a statement. “This new capability combined with our store and forward capability enables Globalstar to offer reliable duplex data solutions that are ideal for large corporate customers who require remote secure email and Internet access. Customers with supervisory control or SCADA and other telemetry monitoring requirements will also be able to access secure and reliable data feeds from their various remote assets."

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