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Orbital, GMV Pair Up For Measat Systems

By | October 3, 2007

      [10-04-07 – Satellite Today]  Orbital Sciences Corp. awarded a contract to GMV to provide the flight dynamics system for the Measat-1R spacecraft being manufactured for Measat Satellite Systems, GMV announced Oct. 3.

      GMV’s system, dubbed focusGEO, will be used in conjunction with another legacy system to monitor several Measat satellites. The software will provide optimal orbital operations of the Measat-1R spacecraft and turnaround ranging processing. It will also ensure the safe colocation of the various satellites within the Measat fleet in the same orbital slot.

      "This contract is exciting because it puts GMV on the map in Southeast Asia with our first operational software in this region of the world,"  Theresa Beech, managing director and vice president of business development for GMV, said in a statement.

      GMV installed the system in September.

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