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SES New Skies, SeaMobile To Test Maritime VSAT Antennas

By | September 19, 2007

      [09-20-07 – Satellite Today]  SES New Skies will partner with SeaMobile’s Maritime Telecommunications Network product group to test a pair of miniaturized VSAT antennas for small vessels, the companies announced Sept. 19.

      The 60-centimeter antennas include a heavy-duty Ruggidized version for fishing, work boats and ocean-going support vessels and a lighter Sure Lock version, which weighs about 40 kilograms and targets the sailing, yachting and power boat markets. Both antennas use iDirect spread spectrum technology, allowing for small-sized, lightweight antennas which are effectively shielded against adjacent satellite interference.

      "Small-sized and light-weight VSAT antennas open up completely new markets for small vessel broadband connectivity, be it for professional use, navigation support, safety services or pure leisure/entertainment,”Scott Sprague, senior vice president for global sales, SES New Skies, said in a statement.

      SES New Skies is providing Ku-band capacity for the demonstrations on its NSS-7 satellite located at 338° East.

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