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JCSAT-11 Launch Ends In Failure

By | September 6, 2007

      [09/06/07 – Satellite Today] JCSAT-11 was lost when the Proton rocket suffered a second stage failure shortly after liftoff, launch provider International Launch Services (ILS) said. The satellite was slated to provide service to Japan, the Asia-Pacific region and Hawaii via 30 Ku- and 12 C-band transponders. JSAT said the loss of the satellite will not have any negative impacts on its operations and finances.

      This failure comes after the loss of a Sea Launch vehicle in January. Sea Launch is preparing for an October return to flight, but in the meantime, the supply of heavy-lift launch services is constrained.

      ILS had planned to launch about six more satellites by the end of the year, but all of those missions have been suspended pending the results of a failure investigation.

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