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Datacom Wireless Completes Acquisition Of Vigil Locating Systems

By | September 3, 2007

      [09/03/07 – Satellite Today] Datacom Wireless Corp. completed its acquisition of Vigil Locating Systems Technologies Inc. after securing approval from regulatory authorities and shareholders of both companies, Datacom announced.

      Datacom, which designs, develops and markets vehicle fleet management and theft prevention and recovery solutions, expects Vigil GPS to add 75,000 Canadian dollars ($71,000) per month, an increase of 29 percent, to Datacom’s monthly revenues.

      "This acquisition increases Datacom’s access to new markets, broadens its product and service offering, and strengthens its distribution network by adding 60 retail locations,” Perre Collins, president and CEO of Datacom, said in a statement. “With close to 20,000 telematics units traveling on North American highways, Datacom has become a leader in the telematics sector and is looking forward to the growth opportunities generated by this transaction.”

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