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MSV Goes For Custom Approach

By | August 14, 2007

      Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV) has launched Custom Capacity Service, a service it claims allows the customer to have, in effect, its “own virtual satellite system” at a low cost. MSV announced the launch of the service August 14. This service is part of MSV’s portfolio of services on its next generation satellite system.

      Custom Capacity Service is a contract service that can be fully customized according to bandwidth, satellite downlink power, and beam coverage; and may be contracted for the life of the satellite system. The contracting customers will be able to choose their own air interface and further realize maximum flexibility by reconfiguring the satellite beams as needed during the life of the contract.

      John Mattingly, MSV’s President of Satellite Services was bullish about the new service’s capabilities, saying, “A satellite operator has never before been able to offer the tailored, reconfigurable, high-performance satellite capacity that MSV is offering. End users will greatly benefit from the enhanced applications that result from the creativity that service providers will be able to leverage using MSV’s Custom Capacity Service.”

      In other MSV news, the company announced a key ruling related to the launch of its next generation satellites. It said that the International Bureau of the FCC determined that MSV had met the beginning physical milestone associated with the authorization for the construction of the MSV-1 satellite.

      MSV may therefore reduce its bond amount from $1.5 million to $750,000. “MSV is consistently meeting critical milestones and remains well ahead of schedule regarding the construction and launch of the MSV-1 satellite,” noted Jennifer Manner, MSV vice president regulatory affairs. MSV’s two next-generation satellites are scheduled for launch in 2009 and 2010.

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