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Accion Systems Awarded $3 Million DOD Contract

By Caleb Henry | June 18, 2015
      Accion Systems Thruster Electric Propulsion

      An Accion Systems electric propulsion system. Photo: Accion Systems

      [Via Satellite 06-18-2015] Accion Systems, a satellite technology startup that originated at MIT, has received a Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) worth $3 million. The award follows a $2 million seed round in December 2014.

      DOD’s RIF program helps facilitate the rapid insertion of new cutting edge technologies into military systems. Through this effort, Accion plans to advance its next-generation electric propulsion system.

      Accion has demonstrated smaller products targeting the CubeSat market, and is also under contract to investigate higher-thrust systems using the same hardware. The company has a propulsion system waiting its turn in a flight demonstration that launched last month.

      Accion is expanding into new facilities outside of Boston and is recruiting for several positions, citing growing demand from the small satellite sector. The company’s thrusters can scale up to support satellites with a mass of up to 2,000 kg.