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Tempus Global Data STORM Instrument to Provide Commercial Space-Based Weather Data

By Katie Kriz | April 3, 2014
      STORM Advanced Weather Systems Foundation

      An example of hyperspectral satellite imaging that STORM will provide. Photo: Advanced Weather Systems Foundation

      [Via Satellite 04-03-2014] Tempus Global Data has opened operations in Utah in order to deliver next generation weather data to commercial and government customers. The company will provide weather data through the use of the Utah State University-built Sounding and Tracking Observatory for Regional Meteorology (STORM) instrument, designed as hosted payloads for satellites in geostationary orbits.

      The STORM design is based off of NASA’s Utah State-built Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer sensor, which leverages research and development investments by the U.S. government to develop the technology.

      STORM will measure a grid of temperature, moisture and wind profiles that can be used for atmospheric analyses and operational weather predictions. STORM is expected to provide improved predictions of localized severe weather, determine the path of hurricanes, and give better warning when threats of tornadoes occur.