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Blockchain Startup Space Impulse Aims to Streamline Time to Orbit

By | October 12, 2018
Ethereum image showing the decentralized blockchain. Photo: Descryptive

Ethereum image showing the decentralized blockchain. Photo: Descryptive

Space Impulse aims to lower costs and accelerate times to orbit by streamlining supply chain integration on a comprehensive, global Business-to-Business (B2B) platform. The platform is designed to address the challenges of complex, high-stakes sourcing, procurement, and fulfillment processes that ensure the movement of people and cargo safely along the path connecting Earth and space. By taking advantage of blockchain and smart contract technologies, the platform aims to solve key issues of security, verification, coordination, trust, and privacy that bind the highly interdependent exchanges of value along that path.

Space Impulse transactions will be executed in an Ethereum-protocol utility token called Plasma that was developed specifically for the Space Impulse platform. However, parties to any given transaction will have the ability to transact in fiat currencies (with Plasma performing the execution in the background) or with Plasma itself, in each case implementing the smart-contract functionality of the Ethereum blockchain. Space Impulse founder Rabi Boundi developed the Plasma-powered B2B marketplace concept while leading a software applications company he founded in 2010 called Movin’App. Space Impulse was founded in 2017.

The Space Impulse platform aims to be first in the industry to provide a marketplace for all roles in the extended network of companies and institutions that work along the Earth/space interface. This includes launchers, integrators, insurers, certifiers, engineers, shippers, legal, and more. It is being developed as an open-source project.