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Speedcast Announces Upgrades to its Global Infrastructure

By | November 28, 2017
      Speedcast terminals. Photo: Speedcast.

      Speedcast terminals. Photo: Speedcast.

      Speedcast International has finalized upgrades to its global network in coverage and ground infrastructure to better serve the maritime and offshore industry. Achieved by investments in Ku-band infrastructure and merging of network assets from previous acquisitions, Speedcast’s new Ku-band network combines wide-beam satellites for coverage and narrower, higher throughput beams for better efficiency and bigger bandwidth. According to the company, the enhanced redundancy of multiple satellites covering key maritime and offshore regions improves quality of service to customers operating anywhere in the world.

      The size of the new Speedcast network, with more 25 satellites and many more beams, enables customers with increased bandwidth needs to significantly upgrade their dedicated or shared bandwidth on a short-term basis.

      Speedcast has also upgraded its cybersecurity and firewall infrastructure through testing and compliance requirement checks. the company has deployed the next generation of software within its global network to enable full management of content and application filtering requirements. Customers are able to block access to specified websites while onboard and prevent unauthorized access to business networks across entire fleets. Speedcast has implemented its own fully managed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Network to deliver all traffic, independent of third parties, and allowing for full control over key performance indicators such as latency and jitter.

      Speedcast has also deployed a carrier-grade platform on its core voice network, providing local phone numbers from more than 60 countries, voicemail, call forwarding and other features, all while reducing latency and avoiding down time during security and maintenance checks.

      “We have worked diligently to merge the infrastructures from our previously acquired companies and make the necessary improvements to supply our customers with one truly global network providing seamless, secure connectivity for any requirement,” said Speedcast Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PJ Beylier.