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EchoStar Mobile and ESA Join for 5G Push in Europe

By | June 29, 2017
      ESA headquarters in Paris, France. Photo: ESA.

      ESA headquarters in Paris, France. Photo: ESA.

      EchoStar Mobile announced that it is joining the European Space Agency (ESA) and other space industry leaders in a joint effort to develop and promote 5G services, and to demonstrate the value that the satellite industry can bring to the acceleration of 5G throughout Europe.

      According to ESA, 5G provides a major opportunity for the European space industry and for space and satellites to become integral parts of the future generation of communications networks and services. This initiative, starting in 2018, will include 5G trials focused on satellite capabilities in sectors such as transport, media, entertainment, and public safety.

      Satellite operators, manufacturers and service providers will work together to pursue applications development, standardization, resource management, interoperability demonstration campaigns, and the development of supporting technologies for 5G.

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      “All of these efforts are designed to support the European Union in its initiatives to bring ubiquitous coverage and enhanced services throughout Europe,” said Chris Britton, managing director of EchoStar Mobile.