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Iridium Absorbs Boeing Employees Working on Iridium Next

By | December 1, 2016
      Iridium SNOC Next

      Iridium’s Satellite Network Operating Center (SNOC)

      [Via Satellite 12-01-2016] Iridium Communications announced the restructuring of its longstanding operations and maintenance relationship with Boeing. Under the agreement, Iridium is expected to hire the majority of the Boeing team that currently supports Iridium by performing operations and maintenance on Iridium’s satellites, beginning January 3, 2017. In addition, Iridium will enter into a separate development services contract with Boeing.

      This change comes as Iridium Next nears its first launch and the start of the transition to a new Iridium satellite constellation. Iridium will more directly manage its network and optimize operational expenses going forward, while the new development contract will dedicate key Boeing personnel to continue the design and growth required for bringing new services and capabilities into the Iridium Next era.

      “The Boeing operations team has been an incredibly vital group to Iridium since the year 2000, and we are excited to welcome them into the Iridium employee family,” said Matt Desch, CEO at Iridium. “Many of them have been supporting Iridium since the launch of Iridium’s original network, and it is only fitting that they join Iridium as employees to ensure the successful operation, maintenance and development of our next-generation global network.”

      Affected Boeing employees currently working on operations and maintenance of the Iridium satellite constellation will be offered positions within Iridium and are expected to join Iridium as employees in January.