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Kymeta Takes a Step Closer to Production with Successful Live Flat-Panel Satellite Demonstration

By | October 13, 2016
      Kymeta mTenna at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016.

      Kymeta mTenna at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016. Photo: Kymeta

      [Via Satellite 10-13-2016] Kymeta has announced performance results of a weeklong live demonstration at the Monaco Yacht Show. The company realized data rates of 65 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up, and also demonstrated 2.9 dB additional gain when combining two Kymeta mTennau7 Antenna Subsystem Modules (ASMs). The demonstration represents a major milestone for the company, which aims to begin pilot production in December.

      During the demonstration, Kymeta mTennau7 ASMs simultaneously received eight live Panasonic multicast eXTV channels, performed multiple live Skype video sessions, multiple HD and Ultra-HD Netflix video sessions, and provided Wi-Fi access to an average of 80 users at any one time during the show. The demonstration also confirmed the low-power consumption of the Kymeta mTenna technology, drawing only 12 watts of power per ASM.

      “The demonstration of the maritime product throughout the Monaco Yacht Show will be closely followed by further product testing on various vessel types in December and continue in early 2017 through commercial availability in Q2 2017,” said Hakan Olsson, vice president of maritime at Kymeta.

      Kymeta has built an ecosystem of partners to deliver the mTenna technology to the maritime industry. Intelsat is a primary satellite provider partner for satellite bandwidth, and the Monaco demonstration leveraged the Panasonic satellite network for high-speed internet access. Kymeta also used an iDirect 9350 modem during the show, and Intellian is a key maritime integration partner for the Kymeta mTenna technology.