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Globecomm to Provide Cloud-Based Communications Platform for Rollins

By | August 16, 2016

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      [Via Satellite 08-16-2016] Globecomm is renewing a contract with Rollins for its corporate communications and organizational learning application, and will be migrating Rollins from the on-premise enterprise media platform to Globecomm’s cloud platform as part of the company’s continuing evolution to cloud-based services.

      The platform will encompass a roadmap of new features common to Globecomm’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform including E911 and performance support along with upgrades to its analytics capabilities to provide greater efficiency, increased safety, cost savings and improved performance for Rollins. The contract renewal is through December 2020 and the migration onto the new platform will be completed during the first quarter of 2017.

      “Globecomm’s new cloud-based platform will allow us to deliver high-quality interactive video content — live or recorded — for employee training, internal communications and digital display on computers, televisions and mobile devices across the enterprise. The migration to cloud expands our capabilities while allowing us to reduce operating expenses,” said John Torres, managing director at Rollins Learning and Development.