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UrtheCast and OmniEarth Team up on UrtheDaily Constellation

By Caleb Henry | August 2, 2016
      UrtheDaily UrtheCast

      Artist’s rendition of UrtheDaily satellites. Photo: Urthecast

      [Via Satellite 08-02-2016] UrtheCast and OmniEarth have agreed to collaborate on UrtheCast’s planned UrtheDaily constellation, including joint system development, the sharing of intellectual property, and combined customer-marketing activities. The UrtheDaily constellation is expected to be capable of imaging 140 million square kilometers of the global landmass every day at 5 meters Ground Sampling Distance (GSD).

      Based in Arlington, Virginia, OmniEarth is a data analytics company and a large consumer of Earth imagery, specializing in image processing, data fusion, and predictive analytics. One of OmniEarth’s leading products is a tool for water utilities that estimates water demand. The company has also served the energy industry, the agricultural sector, and the U.S. federal government.

      One of the key target market areas for UrtheDaily is in-season precision agriculture. The company anticipates that daily revisit, combined with UrtheCast’s scalable data distribution capabilities enabled by its cloud-based UrthePlatform, will enable growers to proactively measure and manage crop health and identify pest infestation early enough to prevent major losses. Other domains that will benefit from daily coverage of the global landmass include asset monitoring, environmental monitoring, change detection for intelligence applications, and numerous financial prediction applications in areas such as retail and freight monitoring, according to the company.

      “Partnering with OmniEarth in the final design stage will help to ensure that the constellation delivers the precise imagery products that digital agriculture and numerous other geoanalytics markets demand,” said Wade Larson, president and CEO, UrtheCast.