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Hispasat Building New Brazilian Satellite Control Center

By | July 27, 2016

      [Via Satellite 07-27-2016] Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has commenced construction of a new satellite control center in Brazil to prepare for future satellites. The facility is for Hispamar, Hispasat’s Brazilian affiliate of which Oi has partial ownership.

      Hispasat has acquired land in Serviente, Rio de Janeiro, to which it will transfer the services currently provided at Hispamar’s satellite control center in Flamengo and Guaratiba. In addition, this center will also be the location of the new ground station, which will control the future Amazonas 5 satellite, scheduled to launch in 2017.

      The new Serviente center will allow for further expansion in the coming years. Hispasat intends to operate the Amazonas satellites, located at 61 degrees west, and the future satellites set to be located at 74 degrees west, an orbital position acquired in 2015, from this site. In 2017, once construction is completed and services have been transferred to Serviente, the Guaratiba center will continue to operate as a backup.

      Construction of the new center is expected to conclude within nine months. The project involves an investment of approximately 40 million Brazilian reals (roughly $12.2 million), which includes the purchase of the land, licensing costs, construction, and expenses associated with relocation to the new center. The new Hispamar facilities will have 20 antennas along with other new equipment.

      Furthermore, in the framework of Hispasat’s corporate social responsibility policy, the new station will adopt sustainable practices, such as the implementation of a rainwater usage system, where water will be collected and stored for later use, and, in the future, the installation of solar power.