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NovelSat Releases N+1 Redundancy Family of Switches

By | May 25, 2016
      NovelSat NSR9800 N1 Redundancy Switch

      NovelSat’s NSR9800 N1 Redundancy Switch. Photo: NovelSat

      [Via Satellite 05-25-2016] NovelSat has announced a new series of hot standby redundancy switches designed to boost the reliability of any of its satellite transmission solutions. The new series includes the NovelSat NSR9100 (1U) switch and the NovelSat NSR9800 (3U) switch.

      The NovelSat N+1 Redundancy Switch solution enables hot standby redundancy for up to eight NovelSat modulators, demodulators or modems. The N+1 switch supports RF switching as well as terrestrial interfaces switching. It continuously monitors the health of protected units, and in case of an alarm, copies the configuration from the unit reporting the alarm to the redundant unit and automatically replaces the faulty unit’s functions with the spare (+1) unit.

      The NovelSat NSR9100 redundancy switch supports configurations starting at 1+1 and a single NSR9800 switch can support up to 8+1 configuration. The two units can be cascaded to expand support for additional (more than eight) components, such as modulators, demodulators, and modems.