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Harris Corp Orders 12 Transportable Antennas from CPI’s ASC Signal Division

By Caleb Henry | May 4, 2016

      [Via Satellite 05-04-2016] Harris Corporation’s Government Communications Division has purchased 12 trifold antennas (4.6-meter) from the ASC Signal Division of Communications and Power Industries (CPI) for use in a U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) program. The total value of the contract exceeds $10 million.

      CPI ASC Signal Division’s trifold antennas are capable of being deployed by one person in less than 30 minutes and are designed for worldwide use in high-density data, voice and communications networks. The antennas will aid in advanced research that aims to increase the navigation and communication operations available to warfighters in-theater.

      The antennas for Harris come equipped with CPI ASC Signal Division’s Next-Generation Controller (NGC), patented Sub-Reflector Tracking (SRT) system and quad-band feed systems. The NGC gives the operator a central device to control multiple antenna systems, and includes features such as an internal spectrum analyzer, redundancy control systems, and many other high-performance controller features. The SRT provides the antenna with the ability to track the satellite to within 1/1000th of a degree without moving the main reflector as any part of the tracking.