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Norsat Expands Median BUC Family, Adds LNBs to Microwave Product Portfolio

By Caleb Henry | May 2, 2016
      Norsat Median 40W BUC

      Norsat’s new 40W Median BUC. Photo: Norsat

      [Via Satellite 05-02-2016] Norsat International has added the Median 40W Ku-band Block Upconverter (BUC), along with a range of Low-Noise Block Downconverters (LNBs) to its microwave product line. All of the newly launched microwave products are used in satellite signal transmission and reception.

      The Median 40W BUC joins Norsat’s 16W and 25W versions announced earlier in the year. The Median series of Ku-band BUCs, available in standard and extended Ku-band frequencies, complements Norsat’s Atom and Element lines of BUCs and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs). The 40W Median takes advantage of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to deliver high power density with high linearity.

      Norsat’s newly launched LNBs consist of the 1000HU-2 and 1000XU-2 Ku quad-band internal and external reference Phase Lock Loop (PLL) LNBs, the 1000D/F/G-2 Ku-band PLL LNBs and the 1000X-2 Ku-band external reference LNBs — available in frequencies ranging from 10.7 to 12.7 GHz — and the 9000-4 series of Ka-band PLL and external reference LNBs, available in frequencies ranging from 17.2 to 22.2 GHz. As with other Norsat LNBs, the new additions can be customized to meet specific connector, frequency and performance requirements.