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Phasor and Harris CapRock Partner on Phased Array Antenna for Cruise Market

By | March 16, 2016
      Phasor Electronically Steered Antenna

      Phasor’s Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA). Photo: Phasor

      [Via Satellite 03-16-2016] Phased array antenna developer Phasor has entered a partnership with satellite and remote communications services provider Harris CapRock Communications to develop an Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA) terminal for the cruise sector. The companies will co-develop a maritime terminal based on Phasor’s ESA technology that will support high throughput Ku-band satellite communications to be included as part of Harris CapRock’s managed services offering.

      This terminal will be designed for high mobility and higher bandwidth applications, such as those found in the cruise market. Cruise-sector communications combine multiple services such as passenger broadband-access, retail, banking and hospitality, which places large demands on communications infrastructure. Harris CapRock holds special distribution rights for the terminal in the cruise market.

      Phasor’s ESAs are based on patented dynamic beam-forming technologies and system architecture. The company’s low profile antenna is solid-state, with no moving parts, so satellite signals are tracked electronically. The terminal can match the performance of a 2.4m antenna dish, and features a modular antenna architecture that allows the system to be scaled to nearly any environment.