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iDirect Upgrades Evolution Platform, Advances Satellite Network Interoperability

By | September 25, 2015
      iDirect SimbaNET

      Evolution X3 Satellite Router. Photo: iDirect

      [Via Satellite 09-25-2015] VT iDirect announced the release of Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS), a new feature set within the iDirect Evolution platform, allowing satellite to work more seamlessly with other telecommunications access technologies. Service providers are able to use L2oS to simplify deployment of a satellite network and effectively carry IP traffic anywhere it needs to go.

      As service providers experience greater demand to deliver global services, satellite connectivity allows them to reach beyond their traditional area of coverage. L2oS makes it easier to interface satellite technology with terrestrial networking and build unified communication networks. iDirect’s L2oS overcomes proprietary satellite protocols, allowing the satellite connection to emulate a transparent Ethernet link to pass any protocols and provide more flexibility in network management. Ultimately, L2oS allows satellite to look and act like all other access technologies.

      With the release of L2oS in Evolution 3.3.3, iDirect now offers the option to deploy networks using layer two, layer three, or even a hybrid mode where both topologies exist within one network. Service providers are able to implement Q-in-Q tagging and take advantage of the same quality of service tools already available from iDirect.