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Kratos’ RT Logic and Spaceflight Networks Team on SmallSat Ground Support

By | August 10, 2015
      Kratos SmallSat RT Logic

      Kratos small satellite solutions. Photo: Kratos Defense and Security Solutions

      [Via Satellite 08-10-2015] RT Logic, a subsidiary of Kratos Defense and Security Solutions has partnered with Spaceflight Networks to offer small satellite companies ground radio products optimized for Spaceflight’s global network of ground stations.

      According to RT Logic, the radios meet both low rate Command and Control (C2) and high rate mission data downlink requirements, using successfully applied signal-processing algorithms. The new ground radios use Virtual Machine (VM) technology and industry-standard platforms aimed at reducing complexity, cost, risk and schedule for small satellite builders and operators.

      “They are both modular and scalable, supporting single satellites up to large constellations,” said Matt Prechtel, RT Logic’s business area director for small satellite systems. “RT Logic’s partnership with Spaceflight will help simplify and assure ground-to-space communication requirements for small satellite operators so they can focus more completely on mission and payload issues.”

      Spaceflight Networks is a division of Spaceflight Industries that started in July 2014 focusing on ground needs of small satellite operators. The company standardized both ground and spacecraft radios and communications protocols to simplify integration for customers. Earlier this year Spaceflight Networks partnered with Spire to leverage additional capacity on its network of ground stations for other small satellite customers.