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Norsat Introduces New High Performance LNB

By Veronica Magan | April 13, 2015
      Low Noise Block (LNBs): C band. Norsat

      Low Noise Block (LNBs): C band. Photo: Norsat

      [Via Satellite 04-13-2015] Norsat International, announced the launch of the 5000 Series Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Low Noise Block (LNBs) Downconverter, a new product family designed for high-end broadcast applications including Digital Broadcast Video (DBV), Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) broadband, military satcom, point-of-sale, and oil and gas. Available in standard and extended frequencies, the 5000 Series has Local Oscillator (LO) stabilities of +/- 50 kHz, +/-75 kHz, +/-100 kHz, and +/-250 kHz.

      “This product line opens up a new market opportunity for us at the mid-performance level that can lead to incremental growth in the coming years,” said Amiee Chan, chief executive officer of Norsat.