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Es’hailSat Selects Kratos to Expand Capacity Management Center

By | December 8, 2014
      Eutelsat 25b Es'hail 1

      The Eutelsat 25b/Es’hail 1 satellite. Photo: SSL

      [Via Satellite 12-08-2014] Qatari satellite company Es’hailSat has picked Kratos Defense and Security Solutions to upgrade the Capacity Management Center (CMC) it installed in 2013. The upgrades are in preparation for Es’hail 2, slated to launch in 2016.

      At Es’hailSat’s new teleport, Kratos is providing a monitoring site, four new Earth stations, and is extending the existing frequency planning system. Kratos is also supplying a data-mining capability for the use of big data technology.

      Through SAT Corporation, a Kratos subsidiary, the company is providing the Monics carrier management solution. Kratos is also providing Compass Monitoring and Control (M&C) for rapid identification and resolution of equipment issues.