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Advantech Wireless Customer Orders Two VSAT Discovery 100 Hubs

By | December 8, 2014
      Discovery 100 hub

      A Discovery 100 hub. Photo: Advantech Wireless

      [Via Satellite 12-08-2014] Advantech Wireless has received a contract for two VSAT Discovery 100 Hubs from a Southeast Asian operator. The first is a C-band hub with two separate forward links (outbound carriers) and the company’s Multicarrier Demodulator (MCD). The MCD allows future expansion up to 96 carriers without any change in hardware. The second hub is in Ku band, designed to operate simultaneously in Star and Mesh (direct remote to remote connectivity) mode.

      Advantech Wireless is also providing extensive training, installation services and multiyear factory support services along with the NetManagernetwork optimization, remote monitoring and control tool. This is the seventh hub this customer has ordered for operations in the Southeast Asian region.