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Avanti Approves C-Com Ka-band Mobile Antennas

By | November 13, 2014
      C-Com Ka-98H Antenna iNetVu

      A C-Com Satellite Systems deployed iNetVu Ka-98H antenna. Photo: C-Com Satellite Systems

      [Via Satellite 11-13-2014] British satellite operator Avanti has approved C-Com Satellite Systems’ iNetVu Ka-band 98-cm Hughes based terminal. The mobile vehicle mounted system is C-Com’s second to gain Avanti approval to operate on the Hylas 1 and Hylas 2 satellites.

      C-Com has already begun to deliver the iNetVu Ka-98H antenna systems to Avanti resellers. The approval enables C-Com resellers to operate on an alternate Ka-band service in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

      “We are pleased to see our 98-cm Hughes based auto-deploying terminal added to the approval list by Avanti,” said Bilal Awada, CTO of C-Com Satellite Systems. “The current system comes with two axis motorization and will operate within the same Ka beam. A third axis motorization option is under development to allow users to roam to adjacent beams and will be available soon.”