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Bridge Technologies Introduces VB273 Intelligent Satellite Switch

By Caleb Henry | August 18, 2014
      VB273 ETR Bridge

      VB273 cables. Photo: Bridge Technologies

      [Via Satellite 08-18-2014] Bridge Technologies has released the VB273 satellite switch for L-band or Intermediate Frequency (IF). The new switch was designed to offer greater functionality than earlier generations through the use of digital media monitoring systems. The VB273 switch incorporates the company’s ET290 analysis functionality as well as an automatic decision engine capable of comparing error condition results against user-defined rules.

      “We’re pleased to be able to offer the VB273 in two versions now, making it accessible to the entire satellite market,” said Simen Frostad, chairman, Bridge Technologies. “The quality of the ETR analysis engine and the ability to construct sophisticated rules to inform the system’s autonomous switching decisions make the VB273 a big advance for any provider relying on signals from satellite.”