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Eutelsat 3B Goes Live, Other Satellites Relocated

By Caleb Henry | July 9, 2014
      Eutelsat 3B Sea Launch

      Eutelsat’s satellite fleet. Photo: Eutelsat

      [Via Satellite 07-09-2014] Eutelsat has confirmed its latest satellite, Eutelsat 3B, is actively providing commercial services at 3 degrees east. Traffic from existing satellites Eutelsat 3D and Eutelsat 3A, which were already located at 3 degrees East was shifted to Eutelsat 3B overnight on July 5, 2014.

      Sea Launch lofted the satellite into orbit in May 2014, and Thales Alenia Space built the spacecraft. Eutelsat 3B’s predecessors are in the process of being redeployed to new orbital locations. Eutelsat 3D is en route to 7 degrees East where it will collocate with Eutelsat 7A to support DTH, professional video, data and telecoms services in Europe, Africa, Turkey, the Middle East and Indian Ocean islands. Once Eutelsat 3D resumes service at 7 degrees East in mid-July, it will be renamed Eutelsat 7B. The other satellite formerly at 3 degrees East, Eutelsat 3A, is moving to 8 degrees West, where it will remain until deorbiting later in 2014.

      Operating in Ku-, C- and Ka-band, Eutelsat 3B is designed to increase and diversify Eutelsat’s available capacity and reach in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Brazil.