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SSL Receives Third Hispasat Satellite Order

By | July 1, 2014
      SSL 1300 Hispasat

      Artist’s rendering of Hispasat 1F. Photo: SSL

      [Via Satellite 07-01-2014] Hispasat has ordered a new satellite from SSL to replace Hispasat 1D. The new satellite, Hispasat 1F, will carry Ku-, Ka- and C-band payloads and further build out the company’s transatlantic capacity between Europe, North Africa and the Americas. Hispasat plans to locate the satellite at 30 degrees west.

      Hispasat 1F’s 48 Ku-band transponders will be dedicated to Europe, North Africa and the Americas. The company has dedicated six Ka-band beams over the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands, North West Africa and parts of Europe. A single Ka Business Satellite Service (BSS) band will be centered on the Iberian Peninsula, and a single C-band transponder over Brazil.

      “Hispasat is once again placing its trust in SSL, given the high-quality and reliability of their products,” said Carlos Espinós, managing director. “SSL has provided us with a compelling opportunity to team together. We are sure their 1300 platform is best suited for delivering the high service performance our company designed the Hispasat 1F to deliver.”

      The satellite has a design life of 15 years.