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KVH Unveils New Antenna for In-motion Satellite TV for Vehicles

By | May 30, 2014
      The TracVision RV1 antenna system

      The TracVision RV1 antenna system. Photo: KVH

      [Via Satellite 05-30-2014] KVH Industries introduced a new TracVision RV1 stabilized antenna for providing satellite TV programming to RVs, charter buses, emergency vehicles and other vehicles to provide access to live TV on the road. The antenna system is approximately 12.5 inches long and enables reception of satellite TV while the vehicle is in motion by continuously tracking orbiting satellites.

      The motorized antenna has accelerated acquisition capabilities to ensure immediate reception of TV programs. The single-cable design allows for a simpler installation process. Another feature included with the TracVision RV1 is an Internet Protocol (IP) enabled antenna control unit, which possesses an Ethernet connection and a built-in Wi-Fi interface so that it can access system information from any Wi-Fi enabled device. The antenna is compatible with current and future Ku-band satellite signals with second generation Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite (DVB S2) technology.

      The antenna supports home services such as DirecTV, Dish Network and Bell TV, and it will receive High Definition (HD) programming from Dish and Bell. The system also supports certain services in Europe that broadcast over Ku-band signals.