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Inverto to Power New Unicable 2 Products Using Entropic’s Solution

By | May 21, 2014
      Entropic dCSS CSS

      Entropic’s EN5520 digital channel stacking switch. Photo: Entropic

      [Via Satellite 05-21-2014] Inverto Digital Labs has chosen Entropic’s EN5520 digital Channel Stacking Switch (dCSS) to power its Unicable 2 Multi-switch and Low Noise Block (LNB) products. The dCSS solution provides 24 user bands to support more tuners and demodulators as Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) operators shift toward gateway/client architectures. The solution is a single-chip system and supports both multi-switch and LNB applications.

      “Working closely with satellite operators in different regions, Inverto developed Unicable 2 products that cater to different requirements of the various satellite networks, thereby ensuring that the significant advantages of this technology are fully and most effectively aligned with each operator’s specific requirements,” said Gil Laifer, senior director of products at Inverto Digital Labs.

      The EN5520 delivers Modulated Error Ratio (MER) performance in all instances, and uses privately-owned mixed-signal calibration algorithms, crosstalk and spur mitigation techniques. It also has features such as multiple outputs and support for legacy non-Channel Stacking Switch (CSS) Set-top Boxes (STBs).

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