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iDirect has High Hopes for HTS, Announces New Product Line

By | April 14, 2014
      Greg Quiggle interview SATELLITE

      Greg Quiggle, Vice President of Product Management at iDirect, with Via Satellite’s Editorial Director, Mark Holmes, at SATELLITE 2014.

      Greg Quiggle, vice president of product management at iDirect said his company sees a lot of potential in High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and they will soon have more products to prove it.

      “We’re going to introduce a new product line branded Velocity,” Quiggle told Mark Holmes, editorial director of Via Satellite, during a video interview at SATELLITE 2014. “And Velocity essentially works hand in hand with Evolution, but is very focused on a couple key new use cases that we see emerging within the HTS movement.”

      Velocity is designed with adaptive Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) along with other improvements. The product line will be accompanied by the new X7 remote, which is capable of connecting to two satellites through the use of two receivers., Quiggle said the massive increase in capacity HTS brings, along with better beam performance, is something in which iDirect sees plenty of merit.

      “What that means to iDirect is a lot of opportunities for us at ground segment, and frankly a lot of opportunities to work with new satellite operators as well that we haven’t been able to in the past,” he said.

      Watch the full interview here

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