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Euroconsult: Emerging Regions Drive Transition in Satellite Industry

By Tai Nichols | September 11, 2013

      [Via Satellite 09-11-13] The FSS sector is transitioning into a new environment with increased competition between satellite operators and greater uncertainty on demand usage and associated pricing conditions. These are the key findings on Euroconsult’s latest research report, “Satellite Communications & Broadcasting Markets Survey, Forecasts to 2022.” 

      The increased competition, according to the report, results from investments by both leading operators and established regional operators, and from the emergence of new national systems in emerging regions. While opportunities exist in most application domains and regions, seizing them depends upon the satellite operators’ ability to adapt their current strategies, the report states.

      Euroconsult found that primarily emerging regions continued to drive growth in capacity leases. Latin America, Africa and South East Asia were the fastest growing regional markets last year. “Regular” capacity usage decreased in both North America and Europe, proving both to be mature markets for wholesale operators.

      As for the FSS industry, the consulting firm found that emerging regions are also major revenue growth engines as well as HTS systems. Overall, Euroconsult expects revenues from “regular” capacity to reach a 2.9 percent annual growth rate over the next 10 years, surpassing the $14.7 billion mark by 2022. The fastest growing regional markets should be Latin America, parts of Asia and Africa. Revenues from regular capacity in Latin America could surpass those of North America over the next 10 years, according to the report.