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Mangata Networks to Deploy Cobham Tracking Systems 

By | June 10, 2022

Photo: Mangata Networks

Mangata Networks reached an agreement with Cobham Satcom to deploy multiple Cobham 4.0M Tracker gateway antennas globally to support ​​Mangata’s initial ground stations.

Mangata said this agreement represents the company’s first major step toward building its network. The company plans to combine Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO) and Medium-Earth Orbit satellite constellations with micro data centers to extend cloud service. Mangata plans for initial community network deployment in early 2023, prior to the launch of its initial satellites. 

Mangata’s business model is business to government and business to business and plans to offer cloud technology, backhaul, IoT services, and 5G coverage. The company closed a $33 million Series A funding round in January.  

“Cobham Satcom has provided Mangata with an extremely reliable, high-performance gateway solution that will be a core component of our network. Their technology enhances our value proposition to our customers and will enable us to operate high-capacity feeder links in more places, at all times, reducing network access costs,” said Brian Holz, CEO and co-founder of Mangata. 

Telesat also selected Cobham Tracker terminals for its Lightspeed constellation landing stations.