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Argentine Space Agency Conducts Experimental Launch Vehicle Test

By Caleb Henry | August 29, 2014
      CONAE Tronador launch

      CONAE’s Tronador 2 launch vehicle. Photo: Wikipedia

      [Via Satellite 08-29-2014] The National Commission on Space Activities (CONAE), Argentina’s space agency, has completed the second experimental flight of the Tronador 2 launch vehicle. The rocket, VEX 1B, reached a height of 2,200 meters during the 27 second flight.

      CONAE launched the Tronador 2 rocket in Pipinas, near Buenos Aires. Engineers tested the propulsion system navigation, guidance and control to validate the technology.

      Currently the Tronador 2 measures 14.5 meters in height. CONAE plans three to six experimental tests to further validate the launch system. Once complete, the agency plans to use the rocket to launch payloads weighing up to 250-kg. The next test is scheduled to take place at Puerto Belgrano, located south Buenos Aires.