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C Spire and Mimosa Will Bring 5G Across Mississippi

By Annamarie Nyirady | July 27, 2018
Mimosa Networks' MicroPOP Architecture. Photo: Mimosa Networks

Mimosa Networks’ MicroPOP Architecture. Photo: Mimosa Networks

C Spire and Mimosa Networks are working together on a 5G fixed wireless initiative, designed to extend broadband internet service to more consumers and businesses in Mississippi. As part of this initiative, C Spire is deploying Mimosa’s sub-6 GHz equipment and technology solutions in neighborhoods, small towns, and cities across the state.

C Spire partnered with Mimosa to develop technology to offer Hybrid Fiber Wireless (HFW) solutions, using client antennas and access point base stations. This extends C Spire’s 8,400 miles of buried fiber network at the edge of most Mississippi neighborhoods. Mimosa’s HFW solutions can be rapidly deployed, with client antennas about one third the size of a satellite dish.   

C Spire is deploying Mimosa solutions in neighborhoods using short-range Micro Point of Presence (MicroPOP) architectures, and in limited tower deployments. The deployment includes Mimosa A5 and A5c access devices, Mimosa C5 client devices, and Mimosa N5-360 beamforming antennas.