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Boeing to Build Communications Satellite for Global IP to Expand Broadband in Africa

By Veronica Magan | September 13, 2016
Artist rendering of GiSAT by Boeing

An artist’s rendering of the Boeing-built GiSAT. The satellite, carrying new digital payload technology, will provide satellite coverage over Sub-Saharan Africa to stream media and digital broadcast content. Photo: Boeing

[Via Satellite 09-13-2016] Boeing will build a 702 satellite, called GiSAT, for Cayman Islands-based Global IP with a new digital payload offering twice the capacity of previous digital payload designs. Global IP will use the satellite to deliver streaming media, digital broadcast and other communications services to Sub-Saharan Africa with a coverage area encompassing 35 countries and 750 million people. Scheduled to enter service in 2019, GiSAT is designed to operate with more than 10 gateways in Europe and multiple gateways within Africa.

“Our vision for GiSAT is to provide end users with connectivity and services that are affordable, rich in local content and truly broadband in nature,” said Bahram Pourmand, CEO of Global IP. “With the ability to reconfigure the GiSAT on-board processor, the Boeing digital payload will allow us to broadcast different channels to different beams from different locations, providing better service to broadcasters, mobile operators and Internet Service Proviers (ISPs).”