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SES, Swisscom to Launch Astra Connect in Switzerland

By Caleb Henry | October 1, 2014
SES Astra

An Astra Uplink satellite dish. Photo: SES

[Via Satellite 10-01-2014] Swisscom, a Switzerland-based telecommunications provider, is using Ka-band capacity from SES’ Astra 2E satellite to power the Astra Connect service over the country. The telco is using the service and upgrading existing access lines to provide nationwide Internet access, which is required as part of Switzerland’s Universal Broadband Service Obligation.

Roughly two percent of homes have not been able to reach the required minimum transmission rate with Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband, prompting Swisscom to use a bidirectional satellite solution. The company began using Astra Connect in September 2014.

SES moved the Astra 2E satellite to 28.2 degrees east in February 2014, and has been providing Astra Connect since 2007. From this orbital location, SES provides broadband service to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.