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KCA Deutag Ups Signalhorn Contract to Cover 10 Oil Rigs

By Caleb Henry | August 28, 2014
KCA Deutag Signalhorn

KCA Deutag’s T-210
Dreco 2000E Oil Rig in Oman. Photo: KCA Deutag

[Via Satellite 08-28-2014] KCA Deutag has expanded its contract with Signalhorn for maintenance of its satellite and terrestrial network in Oman. Due to the requirements of KCA Deutag’s business, rigs must be constructed at a significant distance from terrestrial communications. Signalhorn’s previous contract was for hybrid communications platforms for seven Omani land rigs. The new multi-year agreement includes three additional rigs as well as a warehouse facility in the Khazzan gas field.

Signalhorn uses Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) and iDirect networks to deliver its solution from the company’s teleports in Backnang, Germany and Leuk, Switzerland. Data traffic for KCA Deutag is sent over a terrestrial leased line to the company’s base in Bad Bentheim.