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GenCom Awards SCS Networks Follow on Contract for Private Satellite Network

By Caleb Henry | August 12, 2014
VSAT SCS Networks, Inc.

An auto-tracking VSAT. Photo: SCS Networks

[Via Satellite 08-12-2014] GenCom, the communications arm of Genco Energy Services (GES) signed an additional contract with SCS Networks to use iDirect technology for a private satellite network. Under the contract, SCS Networks will provide round the clock monitoring, maintenance and control of GenCom’s network, space segment and teleport backbone.

GenCom contracted SCS Networks to transition its Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) network from Telstar 14R to Satmex 8, since renamed Eutelsat 117 West A. In May 2014 the company re-configured Mobile IP Kits with new option files and a new IP scheme.

SCS Networks has re-pointed fixed and auto-acquire VSAT terminals, and relocated GenCom’s teleport and Virtual Network Operator (VNO) services to LBiSat in South Jordan, Utah. SCS Networks will provide monitoring services from its Secure Network Operations Center (S-NOC) in Herndon, Va. GES anticipates the move will enable the company to improve its service in the oilfield sector.