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DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator Receives Approval from Lockheed Martin

By Caleb Henry | July 29, 2014
DeLorme inReach GPS

DeLorme’s inReach-Explorer satellite communicator. Photo: DeLorme

[Via Satellite 07-29-2014] Lockheed Martin Flight Services (LMFS) has approved DeLorme’s inReach satellite communicator for use in the company’s Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS) and Surveillance-Enhanced Search and Rescue. Pilots using an inReach device as part of LMFS can obtain ACAS alerts for severe weather, closed airports and other scenarios.

The inReach satellite communicator supports two-way messaging and includes built-in GPS capabilities for tracking and SOS. In addition to a dedicated SOS button, an alarm is triggered with LMFS immediately should an aircraft stop moving or cease transmitting its location.

DeLorme also has a free Earthmate app for text messaging and access to topographic maps and NOAA charts. The company uses Iridium’s satellite network to connect its devices.